Allowing pharmacists to treat minor ailments and administer certain vaccines will allow physicians to increase their focus on patients that need them most.

Allow an Additional
4.7 Million

Canadians to receive treament for minor ailments

Allow an Additional
2.1 Million

Canadians to receive flu vaccines

Save up to
$200 Million

From avoided emergency room and physician visits while still providing effective patient care.

Avoid as many as
600 Thousand

Emergency room visits

Relieve Pressure

15% of all physician visits are for relatively minor ailments, which include things like cold sores, dermatitis, hay fever, back pain, and minor infections.

More Focus

Most Canadian who receive routine vaccines, like flu shots, have them administered at a doctor’s office, which keeps doctors from seeing sicker patients with more complex needs.

9,000 Points of Care: Improving Access to Affordable Healthcare is our plan to improve patient outcomes, contain costs, and ensure the sustainability of our healthcare system for the sake of all Canadians.